Life's Lessons Learned

Life is great,
It's about living it to the fullest (Carpe Diem)
each and every day,
Tomorrow is not promised to neither me nor you
So, take every chance, every opportunity that presents itself and run like the wind,
Love, Laugh, Live, Learn, Grow, Smile
each and every day,
Instead of thinking negatively look into the future with great hopes
Rely heavily on your faith in the heavenly skies,
For he has all the answers,
He is the only one who can make any obstacle bearable,
Release all grudges held against another in which they have wronged you,
Live, Laugh, Play
Be You!
Be Unique, Be Creative,
It's going to be a Brighter Day,
Life has so many treasures to offer,
Life is limitless ends with a great cause, to teach, inspire, help,
One must discover these treasures by obtaining knowledge and growing from experience and lessons learned with time,

by Crystal Myers

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Comments (2)

Love your sentiments and your enthusiasm...the great thing about experience(and age) is that it teaches us all differently, and that is one of the things we must embrace to love life...write on...Coach
Nice inspire-ing Poem, Crystal, Thank you for sharing,