KNR (August 28,1976 / Southern Oklahoma... )

Life's Lessons

Nothing else matters if you don't trust
Let down those steel walls, it's a must
Regardless if provoked by love or lust
Without the trust, nothing else can grow
One step at a time, take it slow.

Be honest and upfront, No head games
No thinkin' silently of someone elses name
For cryin' out loud ~ have a heart
Living life in lies and games is just lame
Don't you have any shame?

Don't know if you're ready to be 'the man'...
It's not s'pose to be in 'YOUR' control
Life is a journey ~ grab a hand and take a long stroll
Appreciate what you have, choices are a given gift
Abuse them, you could end up in hell without a lift.

Women, you can't walk away from the troubles
How many times you have to fall, trip'n stumble
Look within yourself, become who you already are
Beauty within is a rare treasure
Forget all the instataneous pleasure
Create the balance, between love and trust
Payin' no mind to the outward fuss.

For those of us who desire to ride the waves
Treatin' others like they are their personal slaves
Don't you understand life will rebuke you
It'll hit ya hard years later, all your fears become true
You wont even have a damn clue.

Those of you who don't worry 'bout a thing
Mark my words ~ when it comes to the 'Bling'
Karma will always leave her sting!

If your heart's bruised and ya feel like you're about to give up
Stop lookin' at life as it's on a constant demand
Pick up your feet, hold up that chin, and lend out a helping hand
Take time out to appreciate the blessings of Nature's sweet band!

You say you can't make it work, bills are too high
Productiveness is lacking ~ you don't wana try
Look way up into the sky
Take a moment to listen ~ go ahead and give it another chance
Tomorrow mornin' get offf your bum
you may be awarded by gettin' somethin' done!

Sometimes the lessons in life are hard to swallow
Don't end up with a heart so hallow
you say you're life doesn't have meaning
Get off your ass and do somethin'...quit leaning
You'll discover foolishness will last a lifetime long
So, put faith where faith belongs!

by Kristin Nicole RothDavis

Comments (5)

Strong Message Kristin, I believe in that too. I have had 2 men in my life. My husband who died and my ex-boy friend who would not have any intimacy with me. We just broke up. I believe in trying hard. I stayed 10 years with my boyfriend, out of the 10,9 years he wouldn't go near me. My sister told me he was controlling and that is why he did that. I don't know. All I know now is I am trying to sell a house and get out of a mess. I think I stayed too long. You have a great out look on life Kristin.
truly amazing! one of the best poems I've ever read! I don't know what else 2 say....... definitely a 10! ! ! ! ! peace, love, Rock n Roll, & all that Bop & jazz! Love St.Sir Michael Manners
An epic write. Wonderful words expressed so excellently. Very well achieved. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX
The wisest words, the most talented penning, the most admirable poetess. t x
You forgot one thing at the very end of your fine work....A M E N ! WORDS OF WISDOM FROM A VERY WISE WOMAN OF MEANS....I FOR ONE SHALL TAKE HEED OF THIS PENNING.iT'S MESSAGE IS INVALUABLE & YOU MY DEAR ARE THE SAME! '''''''''''''''''''''''''''FRANK(frankster)