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Life's Like That...
AU (26-10-1986 / Udupi, India)

Life's Like That...

Poem By Abhishek Upadhya

Life's weird, says a weird guy,
There's nothing to do as the time flies by,
A new day, new hopes, full of spirit,
Heck, whom am I kidding, It's the same old shit.
A slave to routine, tired of schedules,
I seek chaos amidst the multitude of rules.

Life's boring, said a bored man,
Totally clueless, naked he ran,
Eureka was a pretext, the freedom he was after.
He found it, He found it; the joy, the laughter.
The shackles were broken, he was free.
The world was his oyster, he took it with glee.

Life's dead, said an oxy-moron
Death after Life is certain, so be gone.
He wished he'd be dead, the creator disagrees,
Says-He, Explore life, the birds, the trees,
There's more to life than death,
or just waiting for that next breath.

Life's fun, says a little kid.
Ever eager to tell me what he just did,
About the monsters he fought, the spells he cast,
The dames he saved, when he travelled to the past.
I laugh at his innocence, though I wish I had it.
He gives me hope; to ME the hopeless git.

Life's too complex to be put into verse,
At times shady, at times perverse.
Rhymes and sonnets will never get you near,
to tell the horrors of life, my dear.
As I pen down my thoughts, with hasty ink,
Is life like that? , I think, I think...

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Comments (2)

Well-written, I enjoyed the read.
Well contemplated...words speak of excellence...and The content tells a lot about you. Good job Abhishek!