Life's Lived Long Lessons

For a mother, a grandmother and NuNu
This poem will tell you no more no less
For everyone that knew her knew NuNu
That she was a woman whom by all means was

Some people find it hard to know what is right
They will even ponder on the idea for awhile
But not her, while others were contemplating,
she saw the light
And she would see it from many a mile

She would say but one thing her whole life long
That she always knew good from bad
And also everything right from wrong
Yes, that was something special she had

Don't remember much of her asking for favors from
Usually it was the other way around
For when she was asked, she would always try and
Her time helping others without a single complaint
or sound

She worked and worked from morning till eve
Trying hard to make ends meet
And what she sowd, she did also reap
But gave away what she could for others to keep

She knew all the little ways to save a nickle or
and she would live by that every day
Then she always had enough when ever in hard times
Oh how i wish i would have done that myself some

How beautiful were all the pictures she once had
And the names, ages and dates were on every one
I remember nothing said that was hurtful or bad
Just joy from all these people and what they had

Every night she would then kneel down to pray
Then ask God to bless everyone from the needy to
the sick
Even when life brought her those dark and clouded
It was the prayers for the less fortunate she'd pick

Finally what i remember the most about her
Happened whenever i was in her presence
For when she spoke, it was always the truth she'd
And made everything alright with her 'Life's lived
long lessons'!

by Katherine Perry

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Nice story. Every once in a while we come across certain people who leave a mark on our lives. Wonderful ink