Life’s Living Key

How can man rise to hallowed ground
As kings to dwell on high
With He who’s love, is so profound
One’s precious soul can buy

Such love to melt the coldest heart
Set ardent sinners free
With grace to grant a brand new start
With eyes The Truth to see

The facts of life, Salvation’s Light
The roots of right and wrong
Power to stand throughout life’s fight
And sing life’s victory song

Believe The Christ, God’s Lamb, God’s Son
The Truth The Life The Way
Know whom alone true life is won
When trusting, to obey

For Jesus died for us to live
Abundantly and more
Crucified, with pleasure to give
Life’s Key to Heaven’s Door

As God, The Lord Himself foretold
Before man first drew breath
Christ’s few with robe with crown of gold
Never would suffer death

Will you be one of these my friend?
Will Christ receive your hand?
Will your knee to God’s Messiah bend
To dwell The Promised Land

Let sin take flight, let wisdom reign
Let hell close fast its door
Let Jesus give you birth again
To live as ne’er before…..

by Michael P. Johnson

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