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Life's Pathway
MB ( / Kemp, Texas)

Life's Pathway

Poem By Mary Bagley

There are mountains to climb and things
to do before the evening falls.

How far up the mountain am I?
I really don't know!
The climb has taken me far, over jagged
rocks and across deep divides.
But, even so, I am always one step
closer to the top.
Sometimes I slip and almost fall,
Sometimes I lag behind.
Then a clear smooth stretch comes into view,
And I regain my courage to keep climbing,
climbing until I reach the top.
The view from the top will make my heart rejoice,
for I will survey the beauty of the climb,
See the path over which I trudged
had become a highway of opportunity
And realize that the road which once was
so rugged and steep,
was really a beautiful path
to the top of my world!

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