RB ( / Los Angelos, California)

Life's Romance

Am I destined to this fate?
I only hope it's not to late.
I gave away my heart to fast
emotions bloom yet, never last.
I tell myself I must let go
memories past I can't control.
For some, it may not seem a lot
but moving on is all I've got.
Looking back at history
northing's left behind for me.
Destiny is owned by none
yet, through luck, controlled by some.
Tomorrow is another day
some will go, some will stay.
For the ones left behind
I hope we meet again sometime.
And if by chance we don't meet
as our journey life's complete,
do not fret should I stay
for darkness follows everyday.
Above the stars, across the moon
time for some ends to soon.
So, dance with life in sweet romance
for this may be your only chance.

by Rene' Bennett

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