Life's Standing Law

Law to arrogance void of sight
To prideful souls astray
Blessed is the heart with Truth &Light
Revealing Heaven’s Way

Blessed is the child humble at heart
The meek on bended knee
Surely The Lord will peace impart
And set bound spirits free

Blessed is the man woman and child
Who seek Salvation’s Dawn
Who’ve quit their wayward running wild
To find their souls reborn

Blessed is the child with Godly fear
Who seeks but righteous gain
Love’s grace will dry each bitter tear
And vanquish every pain

Blessed is the child who mourns today
Who’s spirit’s mild and poor
Who trusts in God, who Christ obey
And through true faith endure

Blessed is the child suffering now
The gracious who forgive
Who’s knees to Jesus humbly bow
That other souls may live

Blessed are the ones who truly thirst
Who hunger night and day
Who place God’s Son and neighbours first
Along The Narrow Way

Blessed is the heart of selflessness
The soul that walks in peace
The child who’s aim is righteousness
The God! Who gives increase

by Michael P. Johnson

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