MTB (2/15/66 / Vallejo, California)

Life's Thin Line Or Upon The Window

As I look into the darkness
From the light of my room,
To find nothing in any direction,
Upon the window I notice
(Foreshadowed by gloom)
The image of my own reflection

I see my posture’s correct
(Though leaning towards age)
And a soft knowing glint in my eyes
But the glass won’t reflect
What my destiny will stage
Nor can the stars in the skies

So here in my realm,
I wait as a puppet
To see how my life shall unfold
With my fate at the helm
(Without aid of a parapet)
To decide how my life shall be told

Now I know what I’ll see,
When the night turns to day
And the sun shines its light on the Earth:
A lone blossoming tree
In a field full of hay
And small animals that dance in their mirth

But my reflected features
Will come to me not
For the Sun’s light is much brighter than mine
And the gods laugh in their bleachers,
As I ponder my lot,
And concede to walk life’s thin line

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