ME (05/31/1962 / NJ)

Life's Travel

My eyes see clouds drifting by,
And an ocean swelling alongside
Life travels endlessly with no lie
Only time expresses the high tide.

Let new paths show their ways
With new hope for the morrows.
Will I see future desires today?
Or perhaps seek free tomorrows?

Come guide me to what will be
Time is of an essence so dear
I pray for greater things to see
Life, love, happiness is mere.

The moments are now okay,
And my risks peered aground.
A bright day floats away.
There is no site left unfound.

I recognize all life’s riches
By cherishing each instant
Only fools depart wishes
Which might last a moment?

One dreams a lot of visions
But to venture them is gold
Grins dissolve hard decisions
That appeared sad and old.

Now I end this quest for travel
Because it is time for reality
I stand proud at the first level
For now I have found loyalty.

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