Visit To My Doctor

I walked into the Doctor's office and it is cold
Or, is it just me because I am getting old,
The room is large, but the patients are sparse
I guess for me, it is a laughable waiting farce.
I am now shaking, am I nervous, or am I scared?
Can I be fixed, or can I ever be repaired?
The thought of a deadly illness or disease now enters my brain
And I have not yet signed in with my name.

I now sign in and the nurse says that I will be next
That statement alone causes me to be quite vexed,
I have to be prepared for my doctor's third degree
But, first in a cup I know the nurse will ask me to pee.
So, I sit and I grab a magazine that I pretend to read
While instead secretly unto God I decided to plead,
I ask him to watch over me and please don't let me be ill
Please! let me be fixed not by a shot, but instead by a simple pill.

The nurse calls out my name, it is now my turn
Now the doctor will see me for my pain and my concern,
But, first my height is measured and then I am weighed
That is the only part of my Doctors visit that I am not afraid.
The nurse then leads me back into an examination room
I sit on a paper covered table while waiting to hear about my doom,
The nurse checks my vitals and asks more questions once again
But, before she leaves, she informs me the doctor soon would be in.

With thoughts of dread the doctor shows up with a pad in his hand
He questions me as would a lawyer to a guilty man on the stand,
So, I sit and I answer as my life passes before my eyes
How I wished that I had eaten better, and that I did exercise.
My doctor informs me that my worries and concerns is an infection
So, he prescribed me some pills and not a dreadful injection,
Once I thought my life was worries, and pain, and also bleak
I was then informed that I should feel better in about a week.

Randy L. McClave

by Randy McClave

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