Candy Canes

I put my hand into your fire for you,
flames are squelched
roses flow from mouth to mouth
soft petaled
with scents I smell
from those other beating hearts
which surround you
and you smile
your eye mine.

I place my head into the sun-oven and bake
tan and muscle brown
your eye candy;
you smile.

You lift your arms
point to me with brown rounded headlights
and I see yellow in the sky behind you,
blue nights in those eyes
I'm close enough for you now
to touch and you reach
with your candy cane licking
loving tongue
melting time
between us,
knowing I will wait
in that forever instant
which lives
between the offering and the satiation.

You know how to give your self to me
and you love its dance
and I
I am just learning how to receive
candy canes
on my fire-dipped tongue.

by Lonnie Hicks

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the wheel will flatten all in its path turn within and move your ath!
The wisdom and sweetness of the author clearly are demonstrated in this poem.