Life Seriously Sucks X

My father sits in the living room
Drinking more and more
He set us up for doom
Because his life is a bore.
So he grabs a beer
And waits a year,
Until he tries again
But he is blind again.
Lets everyone get to him,
And his new boss Kim
Makes him drink more.
She's rotten to the core.
He doesn't have the money
And he keeps calling me honey.
But I can see through him.
So I talk to my friend Tim,
And he tells me
That I should wait and see
So I wait and see...

I see my dad
Try to hide all his bad.
He covers it with lies
And my brother cries
And I start to die.
I can't take anymore
Of his dumb lies.
I don't care if his life is a bore!
I don't care if he hurts inside!
He's lost all his pride,
And he's lost me.
I waited to see
That he wasn't going to change for me.

by Magic What'sHerName

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