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Life So Brief
CER (27th March 1990 / Singapore)

Life So Brief

Poem By Christian Eliab Ratnam

Under the debris, I hear a boy crying.
Under the mud, I hear a mother screaming.
Under water, I see a father struggling.
Under grief, I hear a girl lamenting.

A day ago, a boy was playing.
A day ago, a mother was cooking.
A day ago, a father was working.
A day ago, a girl was studying.

A week ago, a boy was hugging his mother.
A week ago, a mother was ironing her daughter’s cloths.
A week ago, a father was fixing a table.
A week ago, a girl was skipping classes.

A month ago, a boy was asking his dad to get him a toy.
A month ago, a mother planned to attend a cooking course.
A month ago, a father was promoted.
A month ago, a girl was discussing her future.

A year ago, a boy was born.
A year ago, a mother went shopping.
A year ago, a father was rejoicing.
A year ago, a girl entered an esteemed college.

Ratnam 2007

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Lets all try our best to do our best for the best in the moment, a great style and meaning contained from a tallented writer, Love Duncan
what you describe here it is so true.. unfortunately life is short and we must make the most of it! great write HBH