Life Spring, Summer And Winter

The Spring time of life is joy,
it brings hope for parents be it a girl or boy.
To watch them beam and grow, as a shadow in he

Then comes Summer, the time to see the light
both beauty and bright.
Maturing into what we want to be,
not thinking of what the future holds,
only seeking to unfold.
Rejoicing by the talents as an eagle and a dove.
You bloom like a flower in the Spring, good
health, good mind and good times, with work and
Then comes Winter the time of darkness and gloom,
no more reaching for the sun and moon.
Sun light of life going down,
it's time to stop and look around to see
how well you spent, Life's spring, Summer and winter
as you were sent.
Now you want to know it you must go to a world
unknown, where the dew drops and shadows stand alone.
Not time to weep and mourn, just look back and say:
Good Bye, I'm gone.

by Edythe Sims

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