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Life Still Goes On [[junior Year Poetry Slam]]
SN (03-30-91 / Oak Park, IL)

Life Still Goes On [[junior Year Poetry Slam]]

Poem By Shannon Nicole

So there's heart breaks
And pain out bursts
Tales of so many liars
Tears breaking through your clouded eyes
But life still goes on

There's a story that's being told every day
Secrets and promises are being broken
Forgivness and forgetting
That's what we're all about
Respect and Trust
Disrespect and pain
But life still goes on

There's a smile and a clash of whispers
Don't tell the messenger
He will be sad
Pick up a pirate hat and your sword
We're playing games, remember?
It's what life's all about

You see,
We may play games
Mess up to the point of no return
We might hurt and cause pain
But in the end,
We realize how much we really caused

Sometimes we wonder if life is out to get us
Other times we know that there's always going to be someone waiting in the end
We find out who our true friends are
Where we stand and who takes us seriously
We never know what's out there if we never get the opportunity to explore

There's so many kids wasting their lives on a simple picture
So many people are dying because they've only given up
There's so many women that are watching their weight or not
So many men that are killing girls because of what only one did to them
There's so many families that are losing their sons or daughters to suicide and rape
So many mothers and fathers that are just being overprotective to keep their kid breathing

Some day we'll all understand that we have to live life to the fullest
Listen here, people
We only get one chance to find our self
We get only one opportunity to live
So stay proud
Keep your head held high
Forget the name-calling
Forget the hate
Forget the pain
You've got one thing to remember
Whatever happens in the end
Life still goes on.

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