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Life Sucks

Life sucks
Why do we have to live if we are just gonna die
Die die when do you do when do i die when do we die
Is it after love's dead or weeks before
My love is dead and has been for awhile now
But i'm not dead yet
Every second someone dies
Someone may read this
And now to shortly after they might die
So if you don't like the word I live in go back
Were everything is perfect
And stay there

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Don't suck lemons, it'll pucker up your face! Cheers, Jerry
i know how hard life is and it may seem tough now but sooner or later old wounds will heal and u will feel better. right now is hard but it will make u the strongest of them all. u just got to keep going and striving to achieve all ur hopes and dreams. I hope u will read some of my peoms and see some of my good days and bad days that i have had.my poems are based on self expierences. They arent sugar coated in any type of way. so I think u will enjoy them. read them an let me know what u think ok.lots of love and best of wishes
the truth may be that life is death...but death is also life....we must die one day...some die too young but they have changed the world even in the smallest of ways.....people cry at funerals because they mourn that they will never see their friend again...but really death is just a passing and life is just a test.....life...death...and yet life will always rule beacause no matter what life goes on. good poem10++
A Faithful Lover He alone struts with swagger fine, To tame alike, humans and kine. He breathes with us, with us he dines, The cupbearer of life’s wine. He feeds us all - the beings of clay, As people raise chickens for prey. We play in his gape, love in his lap, Unaware of bewitching trap. He relishes our cries and sighs While lurking in passionless skies. He is the solid truth here His shadows are kin and peers. He is death, our faithful lover Who leads us to peace hued bower...........A Good Write.........