Life Sucks

Inside my heart is darkness, in there a tiny light.
Right behind that light is a little girl ready to fight!
I'll take on life blow after blow.
I'm a tough little girl, didn't ya know?

So bring on the fire,
and bring on the pain!
This life is a liar,
let it bring on the pain.

by Crystal Pierce

Comments (3)

In WHERE is a tiny light? You already said there is darkness inside your heart, so I assumed you do not mean in your heart. But.....I guess there can be darkness and a tiny light in the same room or heart or cave! So, I take back what I said at first! ! Gee, you MUST be tough if you are (almost) ordering fire and pain to come at you! ! ! I am glad that a couple more years has improved your situation/outlook. Some people are lucky enough to leave bad times in their past. Congratulations! To MyPoemList. Thanks for Poet's Note. Life Does suck sometimes. So true! bri :)
So often, I think to my self: why is life so difficult. But then I see the beauty of the sun rising or setting, the deep eyes of a baby or just the bark of an old tree. I have made it a bit of my own mantra: Life is not easy but oh, so beautiful....
Love your words Crystal along with your way of expressing that you have to keep going. I have seen so much in my life, where ever there has been darkness I have tried a different path. My healing has been PH, the beach and rock n roll. I wish you well. Thank you