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Life Sucks
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Life Sucks

the house is so quiet....so still
and yet so wild like it can't control
the cries. the fights. the hits. the blows.
almost anything is mightly known about
in this house that can't stay still.
I hear the screams andd kicks through the walls.
no one wants to hear.
no one wants to know what happens there.
we all sit there, on the ground.
in the house that hears everything
not ment to be heard.
the secrets, the lies, the yells, the Oh my's
if only this house would speak
instead of just creak
so we'd know what it would know
all the lies.
all the secrets.
all the things that were kept from us.
and all the things that we didn't know.

then at least we wouldn't be like this.
we wouldn't be like this at all.

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More than I expected. Not your typical teenage tears & angst. Soulful. Not pretentious or clumsy with its revelations. Very sad. I can certainly relate. Respectfully D.R.