Life, Sure Is A Mystery

Poem By Star B. Williams

Cannot remember. Any baby steps. Living 4 lives. All with regrets. Tried to change them. But their still the same. Found love and lost it. Boys are just a game. In the the pursuit with power..that was a dream, it lasted one hour. My name is Star. I'm only twelve. I learned many things. From shelf to shelf. I feel hate and anger. As i walk through these halls. Eyes swerving; dodging. Like a car. Now im 13. The flashbacks start. The pain is always. Ten times harder. Than a rock. The following days. I noticed that im not free. My anger keeps building. I need to breathe. Just like that. I turned 14. Maybe worst year ever. A baby almost conceived. Huge mistake. Worst ive known. Cant help but think of the life I burned. Its been almost 2 years since ive known this boy. I'm madly in love with him. He isn't no toy. The last time we talked. It was a really big fight. We argued for hours. It felt like an endless night. After about a week. he says he wants me back. That he made a mistake. Bit i didn't react. He broke my heart into pieces. I just want to die. Everything he told me. Was all a LIE! ! Months later. As each day goes by. There isn't one day. He is never on my mind. Sometimes i wish. He could feel the pain ive felt. A little girls innocent life burned half to death. I have changed. Ive changed so much. I wish I could go back. But im longer a naan. I went passed accidents and skipped mistakes. i did worse then bad, this is the hardest race. As life goes on. My hands to shake. I think of my past and why it wont go away. My heart was supposed to be locked in a chest; hidden from the world...but it feels compressed. Life is a mystery. With many different ways. ' Life isnt hard' at least thats what they say.!

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