Life That Was

Poem By Olivia Elise Braun

Open your eyes to a world anew
This is the first day for a baby who never knew
That in false pretences was life explained, and that in this life the only love is pain
Those who should love you most are the ones breaking you down
Your fragile body slammed into the ground, blood and bruises are all you know
Your smile that was always there, is hidden, now something found so rare
Your hair stoked tenderly the only thing truly comforting
but in the moment of heated rage its grabbed and you can’t get away
The screams that tell of unrelenting anguish you eye which refuse to look to the light
The lies are told not yet 13 years, but who would believe?
You’re a monster the problem to it all, its time you get locked up
Now it’s time to medicate, to dictate and alienate
Your too dangerous to be around,
And still too afraid to make a sound
The action you took to live proved need of punishment
You should have taken it like the pathetic thing you where
Let them break your body and will to live…
Look in the mirror what do you see?
Do you see what I see?
Do you see that you are me?
The tears that stream out as you scream
“Let me be! I just want to be free! ”
But was too late, it was a fate you couldn’t escape
After everything, they have left not once looking back
In my distorted line of thought
I thought this is what I wanted
But now alone, stuck in this prison of a home
Realizing that I have always been truly alone…
The line between pain and pleasure is blurred
It’s the only thing that made you feel loved, the physical hurt
Every hit, cut, bruise, piercing and tattoo is like a hug your drug, the only thing you ever knew
You have come to find that there are people who can make you happy
But never depend on them to be happy, you never know when they’re going to leave
Just knowing that it’s something that will happen eventually
But these people do not cause pain, no emotional strain
Just hug, love, words of encouragement…
The fist love that didn’t have to hurt
Realizing All of this, a new chapter of your life starts
Now just 16 though it feels like a life time ago
It seems all that has happened, is more like a distant memory
A twisted nightmare nothing that was ever my reality

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