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Life The Greatest Gift

Life is your greatest gift in truth one can say
Feel happy you have woke for to greet a new day
Though luck it is not on your side of late
And in your life you have nothing to celebrate

But despite what you say life is a wonderful thing
This morning the dead did not hear the birds sing
In the gray of the dawn on the bushes and trees
Their pleasant notes carrying in the freshening breeze

In life one does have the good times and the bad
Today you are feeling down and rather sad
But hopefully the future for you better times will bring
And you do have life and this is a great thing

Life has it's days of sadness and happiness
And it's times of serenity as well as stress
As well as the disappointment of failure and the joy of success
But it is the greatest gift humans possess

That in the World there many gifted people is obviously clear
And of talented people we read of and of hear
And though their admiring fans they may impress
They share with all others life the greatest gift humans possess.

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" Life has its days of sadness and happiness And it's times of serenity aas well as stress" Superb lines in an inspirational life song. Thanks for sharing.10 points.
many gifts there are many gifts in the world for the life yes, for the life every single good gift can bring the peace, pleasure…heaven even on this earth, if the life use all gifts righteously, equally, honestly.......///