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Life To None Is Indebted

Those who believe that life does owe to them only disappointment on themselves does bring
For life to none is indebted and does not owe anyone anything
Some do blame life for their misfortune when they have none other to blame
But life is impervious to human criticisms and does not have a sense of shame
Life does not bring you misfortune or life does not give you success
Life is a gift in it's own right the greatest gift you do possess
For their hardships and lack of money people blame life every day
But to our praise and our criticism of her life does not have anything for to say
We depend on life to be with us when we talk of times of us ahead
For when life does remove her gift from us to all feelings we become dead
No point on complaining to life when the journey on you is rough
Since life is not the one to be blaming when times on you they are tough
Life is not the one to be blaming when you feel deprived of success
Life does not owe us we owe life for the greatest gift that we possess.

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