Life Well Spent

Middle child, born at the beginning of the second decade of the 20th century to a family that would briefly number, Five; fate orphaned her before she was able to
grasp what the world FAMILY really meant! The remainder of her formative years were spent in a convent where compliance and discipline headed the long list of rules that confronted her on a daily basis. Without family environment to guide her; at age of 17 she entered into a communion that would last 42 years and produce nine children spanning a period of 20 years. A strong complex woman and unconventional to say the least, she knew how to
enjoy life and take pleasure in the world around her one day at a time never putting
emphasis on things but always on her relationships with people. . . accepting them
for what and who they were without judgment. Her way might not have been the way for some and her stoicism learned early in
her life which helped her survive, misunderstood by others; but she remained true
to her own beliefs until August 1, 1997 when she began her last adventure and
was quietly reunited with others who had made that same journey years before. Bon Voyage, Mom. . . LIFE WELL SPENT!

by Lisa P. Files

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