Life Will Arrive

Unknown it’s to know when, from which direction
Who will arrive where and greet
Dusk or at dawn, whether ready or not to meet
That’s the way life is
Can meet anybody anywhere.

But, while taking steps forward
Along with graying hairs and burning skin
Taking shades under those mango trees
With intense smell of henna
In the arrangements between gate to the door
You set aside the dreams
And sit down under that grave banyan tree
To tantalize and unfold your mind
Let it connect with any chord anywhere
Then compare those burning experiences
To let them mix and fuse in …

It’s true that you’ve always walked
To bridge burning distance against chilling winds
Facing currents from all sides
Pointed and poignant to make you stop
Still you walked those miles over
Sleeping volcanoes, keeping feet’s firmly
Over shaking stones and burning sands

Nevertheless, all these moments became bearable
When life met like a friend, holding hands

However, it meets with different names
But relationship takes shape
It nurtures and spreads shade
To save you from sun and rain
Makes you swim against tides
Then in your deep eyes, dream shelters
Where one can see, touch and feel
Absence of pain over the vast terrains
Inner desire will make you admire
Pleasure and you to pragmatism of what you dear
For a human cause, a sigh and a cry
Is so unforgettable, that it will see
You with million eyes
That brilliance in residual attire
So, intimate like sitting under red-horizon
Spread like an aanchal
An intricate rain of light
And smiling sea becomes chanchal
Against its true self of gravity and intensity

Face is merely shining or eyes too
Which are continuously fathoming the depth and dearth?
So deep in your thoughts
That the whole existence gets shaken up and shivering
As if being caught in unknown theft of unnamed jewels
Feel like beholden fast to usher in and tied down

Then you’ll feel all of a sudden
A statement of a talent, every heart felt
Like a fire dwelt chakravuha at inscape
There seen layers of cold sheets
All of a sudden shakes, cracks, and breaks
An internally preserved clay lamp appears out
With a ray of light comes out and falls on Pond
Reflects and unbundled lotus to make it bloom
Is it an event of reality, or creation of a dream?

Over that full blossoming lotus
A powerful man appears with divinity
Holding sky in his raised hands
He’s coming close very close
Impatient but scared you are
With a small swift movement, He takes you in his hands
Puts you over his shoulder, and carry you for a long journey
Yet again, that travels to far distant lands
Once again, that loitering hunts baffles
As if that self exploratory inner possibility
Of uncountable skirmishes with danger in sight
Still life thrives very well on this vast land

In your heart beats
There rests sweetness of over spread pains
Or uncalled for age of self-enunciation
While listening to buzzing slogans of growth
In silent amazement, you too will run wildly
Just for becoming running track
For all those super in-human demagogues
All these beliefs and faiths
Will make you beg, while removing
Last pennies, from your fist and last clothes from your body
While you’ll still fall pray for devil some consumption?
With every bite, you too will surprise pleasure
While achieving exclusive engager
But for all these while,
A self less intimate figure will make you roam
And with annoyance
You will again scream to surmise
That its’ life
Unknowingly untraceable is its’ direction
How much you try, but will never know
…When, who, where, which way it will arrive.

Anurag Tiwari

Copyright ©2003 Anurag Tiwari

by Anurag Tiwari

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