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Life Will Be Living In Nature

Though of life like all others i have stories for to tell
I will die and be forgotten as a man of doggerel
In life i have been lucky the gift of life a marvelous thing
And of the beauty all around me i feel happy for to sing

When one looks at life through Nature such great beauty for to see
Though early June in early Winter there is lots of greenery
And though little warmth in the sunshine on a temperature high of fifteen degrees
The magpies they are singing on high branches of gum trees

For early June in early Winter it is such a pleasant day
From this place of peace and beauty utopia cannot be far away
The living beauty in Nature for to view to all is free
Even in the early Winter it is all around me

When to all i am forgotten and the life from me long gone
The life in Nature's beauty will be living on
And life will be living in Nature even in the Winter time
To inspire the poet and artist and the one who loves to rhyme.

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