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Life Will Go On As Usual

Every day people are born to life and every day people die
But life as usual does go on and politicians lie
And some in their thinking are convinced that they have god on their side
And billions are in poverty in Countries Worldwide
And there will be wars and rumors of wars some things never change at all
Though it is said of us humans we learn from life before we learn to crawl
Yet though everyone grows older few are known to grow wise
Few seem to learn from history though this not a surprise
And in a World where kindness, compassion and empathy has never been so rare
So many do grow poorer for every new millionaire
We are led to believe that life gives us our due
And though everybody have their dreams for so few dreams come true
But life will go on as usual and the Seasons will come and go
And time that does rust iron does become everybody's foe.

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