Life With Bipolar

Poem By diane lofgren

i never know what to expect from day to day
i am afraid to hear what you would have to say
my mood goes up in down like a rollor coaster ride
still i dotn understand how you can be so kind
i get angry to easily and for no reason start to cry
i cant help but ask myself why me why
i have bipolar a very serius condition
but i cant ever dare mention
cant talk to any one because they dont understand
all i want is a friend to help me tho this and take my hand
walk with me day in and day out
no matter what i do or if i start to shout
its not easy for me to deal with this every day
afraid to talk to anyone because of what they might say
i have lived with this for soo long and yet cant talk
all i want to do is have a friend to take a walk
with and have them confort me when i cry
have a shoulder to lean on but i can, WHY
this disease is tearing me in two
i sit back and ask myself what i can do
to make this better to make you understand
to have you hold me and take my hand
its not easy dealing with this i cant do it alone
the only time i get relief is when im on the phone
only one person who knows what i am going tho
and how i wish so much that it would be you
i am taking meds but they dont help at all
they just make me have a headach as if i ran into a wall
its been all these years and i still have to make a stand
so please someone try to understand
life with bipolar is all but easy but you cant see
the affects that is also has on me

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