Life Within Without Death

Life without death
Life is false and so death,
life is false to fulfil the promise, to fill the gap that once it created.
Life is false to play seriousness,
To delude to hypnotic playfulness.
Life is a bewitching bitch to push us off
Balance off center.
Life is not life, it is a preparation to dip
Into projection, to deathless glory.
Life is not death but to go far away from it.
The flower with its fragrance,
The breeze with its fluidity,
The water with its coolness, the sun with its
The birds with their chirping and the forest with its flora.
Life is death and death is the rise of life.
Life is false as it stands against death
As flower against it's sweetness,
And clouds without rain.

by Prabir Gayen

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Well penned. You may like to read my poem Death Shall Die.Thanks