Life Within

Poem By Margie A. Schooley

The names of people are simplified,
It's not the name, it's the heart inside,
A good name isn't the important part,
God looks only what is in the heart,
Laughter is a face of the unwise,
Like a fool without a purpose,
The wise is full of the Lords Wisdom,
Which finds their way to Eternal life,
Pride is the venture of Satins world,
Doing the evil things of fools,
Turning life into a total death,
Where hell has no meaning,
Under the sun in which we live,
Is life that only God can give,
A life in which he can give or take,
Any given time or place,

Comments about Life Within

I dislike this poem's much too dark and gloomy to be a poem about God, His Gift of Salvation through His Son, Jesus Christ, and Jesus' Death on the cross to pay for our sins; our life as a re-born child of God's; and the joy, the TRUE joy, that can ONLY be found as a child of God's once more! ! 'Laughter is a face of the unwise'? ? ? I laugh, because I have JOY. I have JOY because I found God, as HE was searching for ME, calling out for me to come to Him, repent of my sins, asking His forgiveness of me, a sinner, who had, (and still does, of course) fall SHORT of the GLORY OF GOD! Laughter should be abundant...our lives should be FULL of laughter! What a waste of time, reading this 'gloom and doom' type poem!

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