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Life Without Pain
JB (3-1-89 / Miami Florida)

Life Without Pain

There's no such thing called hate
Then what is love?
Souls dont go to hell
There is no heaven above

We go thru life without struggle
No trials or tribulation
So what is an accomplishment?
No need for celebrations

The world is so peaceful
Stainless and sin free
But since the world is sinless
What does righteousness mean?

If we dont hurt a little
We naver know the joy of feeling better
And if the sun was always shining
What is pleasant weather?

Most people sing the same song
Why must we continue to fight?
Cant we all just get along?
And just do whats right

But what is right there is no wrong?
What is night without day?
What is happy without sad?
What is being brave if your never afraid?

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Very good writing I can feel this one!