Life Without You

Poem By Dr Kamran Haider Bukhari

The moment you left me,
Could you remember?
When I held your hand for the last time;
I can still feel,
That touch;
Of your gentle hand on my soul.
You wanted to say some thing,
But you couldn’t utter a single word;
A tear dropp -
I am still trapped in that tear drop,
Since the morning you left me.

Each new dawn I wake up,
With fading dreams in my tormented eyes…
Each passing night;
I see you die,
In the grand arena of my majestic mind…
And then next morning,
You are alive again.
You are always here with me,
Wrapping my whole body with your divine aroma…

Dead or Alive,
You are always with me…
What I only miss,
Is the touch of your tender hands;
On the barren soil of my dead skin…

Comments about Life Without You

i'm humbled at the turn of phrtase-'trapped in that tear drop' tender hands/on the barren soil of my dead skin' to name a few! great work of art, doc!
no one is an they life without that someone is lonely, as i can see tear drops from your eyes..oh, what a lovely and divine masterpiece you have here. Your words are just lovely.. Hugs, Meggie
Wow! What a divine love poem, even though it is unrequited 'I am still trapped in that tear drop'. The image of the hand also perfect. Excellent. Top marks Karin Anderson
Ooough...Touch my heart warmly, Doc! If the girl in ur poem was me, I must b the owner of love paradise who filled by ur lovely words that always keep me peace in affections..

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