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Life Worthwhile
BG (03/15/1957 / New Jersey)

Life Worthwhile

Poem By Bob Gotti

As the rains from Heaven fall, we’re reminded, God is Lord of all,
He’s Lord above the land and sea, and The Lord of all of Eternity.
As the Creator of all you see, He is The Lord of both you and me,
And more than just our Creator, to many He is their loving Savior.

As Creator, God fills the earth, giving this life meaning and worth,
Making all life worthwhile for us, mere creatures, made from dust.
By placing into the soul of man, a need according to God’s Plan,
While upon earth, He put desire, to reach for a Truth much higher.

Truth that encompasses everything, decreed by The Eternal King,
With His Authority over everyone, through The Lord’s Eternal Son.
An Authority that sets men free, as they seek the Lord of Eternity,
Who, from His Eternal Throne, sets apart earthly men for His own,

God opens the eyes and the heart, of those whom He sets apart,
All those who purpose in this life, to follow His Son, Jesus Christ.
It’s His Truth that makes men wise, as The Spirit opens their eyes,
Revealing God’s Plan to those, who, believe in the One who rose.

The Holy Spirit then dwells in us, when in Christ we place our trust,
Becoming members of a family; belonging to God for all Eternity.
This and much more we receive, when God’s Truth, we do believe,
As Truth He gives to you and me, leads believers to Life Eternally.


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