Here i am, another week, another day
Wondering, how some more of that time has slipped away.
Here i am, just a body, one among so many,
That is tossed upon the sands, like a nickle, like a penny.
Why do i try so hard, to break the unbreakable-
To hold back what is un-attainable
To twist into shape a body that will soon wither away
Polishing colours that too shall fade away.
Why do i despair so? If all that there is to life -
Is just time, time that will soon trickle away.

by arpita QQQ

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arpita.. the quest to define LIFE? begins the moment u' are cut off from the umblical chord.. an infinite path... I see the turmoil....the search..eternal... a reality of a good poetic mood..feel oneness with the..thought.. good write.. regards.. sivan..
Why do I try so hard? Because, it is the life, it is the life and it is the life. Tapas Baidya, Kolkata
This poem has lots of meaning to me! I like it! Thanks!