Lifes A Chess Game

If you’ve ever played chess
you’ll no what I mean
Six moves ahead, and there go the queen

As you go thru the moves
And you move her about
All of a sudden she gets taken out

So now your life’s over,
Excuse me the game
As time goes by slowly you sit there, so lame

After a little time passes
And you think there’s no more
You’ve got fifteen more pieces
I can still make the score

All my small pieces, my Bishops my Rooks
They sit in the back ground
And remove others, like crooks

Now I have their Knights, and their Bishops
Their down to one Pawn
Life’s pretty good,
I’ve found I can move on

Although it is painful
And it will hurt quite a bit
Life without your Queen
Is not all of it

I’ve gathered my forces
Got them all in my sight
Took a deep breath
Now here comes the fight

Its not close to over by any means
I mean the game goes on with out the Queens

Its been a tough game
With out her around

One up and two over
I’ve won
I’ve captured their crown


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