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Lifes Reflections
RF (July 26,1977 / Baltimore, MD)

Lifes Reflections

Work, home, school & sleep.
The day is done but not far from reach.
Tomorrow will come and we will do it again.
Continue the circle that life has lead.

And still I long to be OK with this.
To not want more and have it all.
To be able to accept what life has given me and be happy even if this is all.

I find myself all the time, reflecting and being sad.
Wondering why I am who I am,
and others have been given another path.

I won't ever be famous,
I won't ever have it all.
I won't ever have more then I was meant,
I won't ever have all of my dreams.
And somehow I am suppose to happy,
That others have there's and I'm here.

I am not bitter, only sad it seems.
Because through my life I have tried so many foolish things.
Love & words have been my salvation.
Love being wrong in the end.
Words were left to my hand,
And have come about from my pen-mans hand.

Is there a middle ground when finding one's self seems hard to do?
Is there a way to make it come through?
What does one do to be OK?
What does one find to compare?

I have cried & laughed.
Dreamed and lost.
Struggled & shared,
And ended it all.

Now I await to find the void.
And wonder when my peace will come.

For now I will keep searching,
Knowing that as always life must carry on.

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