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Lifes Sailing Ship
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Lifes Sailing Ship

I am aboard lifes sailing ship
The decks beneath me rock and dip
The white sails ripple in the breeze
I sail along on sapphire seas
But all the time that I'm afloat
I remember other boats
Ghostlike, all the other wrecks
Haunt me as I swab the decks
My fishing line is stilll entwined
With shipwrecks I have left behind
And cap'n, how my time has flown
I have had rough seas of my own
Like all the times that I was lost
My sailing ship by tempest tossed
The times the skies weren't always fair
And once I shipwrecked in despair
I hear bells and I see lights
From strange ships passing in the night
I hang my head-try not to cry
For the many hearts that passed me by
And then I tread the planks again
In pace with all those mortal men
I wander here and wonder why
I toss a prayer at the cold grey sky
I don't know what reply will be
As always, I will wait and see-
My ship is rather older now
Some barnacles are on the bow
The rope is worn, the sail is patched
The rain comes in around the hatch-
But she is shipshape, she is sound
She is still adventure bound
When and where I do not know
I will go where stiff winds blow
And i will ride the current out
An unbeliever never doubts
Yes i will race the setting sun
Till at last my day is done
Dock my boat at a harbour slip
And finally leave lifes sailing ship

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