Verbal Apraxia Relieved

It was back then when
I first saw you
(you thought)
but the night knew differently
with my dreams and hopes
and words to myself

The years stole you away
and time hounded me
I walked roads that crumbled behind me
and reached heights I never thought I would
but there was always you
off in a corner
hidden from view

Every once in a while I would glance around
squinting through shadow and sun
life, death, and wonder
hoping you were there
but I never saw a thing
that mattered
so I kept moving

like rain that falls where nothing grows
like the winding river it can become

then I took a turn and there you were
The road ahead beckoned and time tipped his hat
to when I first saw you
(you thought)
now the night knows differently
and so do we

by Howard Camner

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