It is daylight yet it is dark
dark both outside and in.
A penetrating darkness, a fog
that seeps deep into my being.
to chill my bones, and my soul.
Thoughts of pain, of eternal sleep
frequently flash through my mind.
I am blind to the peeping snowdrops
and see only the snow.
The sky is heavy with laden clouds
and I feel heavy, burdened by thoughts
oppressed by intangible fears and guilt.
Oppressed by frequent tears.
Yet I have places to go
to learn to be me, to see
the coming spring, the glint of sun
in every day. It is a long way
but there is help along this lonely path
Physical voices to still the noise within
to begin to hear with clarity
the hum of the earth. The birth of each new day.

Penni Currie 23 March 2006

by Penni Currie

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as we hurtle through the cosmos...on a journey of.....self discovery.....we are alone we alone there is no captain kirk to beam us up v nice lines liked