Light (A Psalm)

Poem By Michael Troy Buffo

Awake fellow children and open your ears,
And listen for the truth you will see;
For the message of God will placate your fears,
And set you eternally free.

Now God’s Sabbath remains yet to be kept
(And a thousand years is a day) :
It’s been six thousand years since Adam slept
So you know I have more to say.

For as at the Beginning, it shall be in the end
(God spoke and the flood came to pass) .
This time it’s fire He says He will send,
And the wicked shall burn as dry grass!

Now as a lion struggled with Samson,
And Jacob an angel of light;
So the stars must wrest with the blood-red moon
Before that cloudy and dark harvest night.

And those who dwell in darkness
Will reject the light of the stars;
For their god is not of Israel,
But their god’s name is Mars.

For they make war with flesh and blood,
And show compassion to no man.
They’re venomous snakes that dwell in the mud
(Though they quote God whene’er they can) .

But with the Sun, Moon and stars God made His promise,
(And with the day and the night) —
With Israel also, Abraham’s seed,
Who’s remnant will do what is right.

Now the stars of Heaven encompass the earth,
And they know all the workings of time.
They know the land’s depth, it’s height and it’s girth,
And the light of the Moon makes them shine!

As there are a hundred and forty-four thousand
Of stars you can see in the sky,
An hundred and forty-four grand stand on Zion,
And are the apple of God’s eye.

Now Y’eshua was the Heavenly Sun
Doing the works of God by day,
Which begs the question, “Who is that comforter
Whom he said would show us the Way”?

The Moon’s the righteous Branch of David
And he’s the Heavenly Melchezidek.
He’s the plumb-line in the midst,
And like Moses—leads the trek!

For from Judah’s line there comes a lion,
Who is the Interpreter of The Law.
With Israel’s tribes, he’ll stand on Zion
And show them things that they never saw.

It’s for their good that he was born,
To guide them to the light of Truth.
Jacob will gather at the blast of God’s horn,
And they will all regain their youth!

For the Moon announces the Word to the Stars,
As he reflects the light of the Sun;
Proclaiming the Truth to his angels of truth,
Before the new day has begun.

For with eternal knowledge comes eternal life,
But the end of this world is death.
So they heed the Moon and avoid mortal strife,
And receive the quickening breath.

And by breath I mean the Spirit of God,
And in other words; His Word—
Or the fire, the sword or budding rod
And the things you have never heard.

But the hidden message is for them to see,
And they will seek it on their own;
Proving that they’re that righteous tree
And they will never be alone.

For they will return to God
And He will return to them,
They’ll obey His Commands and all of the Law
For on Zion the light never grows dim.

Yet Zion cannot be touched with hands,
It can only be touched by their mind.
And with the knowledge they discover there
They leave the ways of this world behind.

For this is what our Father wants:
For us to know Him: Who He is!
Through hearing His Truth, you idiot savants,
And not that pagan “church” biz.

For when the wicked have their idolatrous fun,
They transgress His Law and Command.
And perform ancient rites out of Babylon
As they have been passed down to them by hand.

So know that all your religions are bunk;
And they turn His Truth into lies.
God says all they worship is junk,
And they follow the lord of the flies!

They’re supported by things that don’t exist,
And they live their lives in vain.
They pray to fulfill their own wish list,
(Believing blessings are personal gain) .

And they make the Law of none effect,
Throwing God behind their backs.
And they persecute His very elect
Perceiving their mercy to be attacks.

(Woe to you, you child of the serpent,
You wicked seed and whore!
May God curse you in your every endeavor
And make you a cankerous sore!

May the plagues of Egypt fall on your head,
And fill you with madness of mind!
Understanding that you are already dead
And in seeking your life, you won’t find) .

But you who want to see God’s face;
To you who are desiring more:
Stop constantly knocking at every place,
And know that God’s Word is the door!

An angel has come to set you straight;
To direct you on the right path.
To keep the stave from off your pate;
To cover you from God’s wrath!

Now the time has come that’s called “today”
(So seek Him while you can) ,
For now is troublesome, dark and gray;
The beginning of the end of man.

So ask him now for the things of God
(If you dare to shun the world) ,
For God’s mysteries will uphold you
‘Til His vengeance is unfurled.

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