Light And Darkness- Haiku

Festival of lights;
Child sells crackers to adults,
No sparkle in eyes…

by Mamta Agarwal Click to read full poem

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And that is what is so sad... a mute spectator.
This is... oh, I just want to cry! Keep on writing like this, Mamta, keep on telling us what you actually see. Even if some people prefer to act like there were blind. Tragical and extremely efficient writing! I know you write marvellous poems on 'nice' subjects, too. That´s what poets are for... always trying to tell what they experience... no matter what ...
'No sparkle in eyes.' tells a lot about child labourers. CP
leave alone selling..down south these crackers are made mostly by young girls...may be today we have a rule..i insist on the birth cert to see if they are more than 18 when i appoint some one in the factory..abroad it seems little daughter studying in UK is waiting to turn 14 to take up a part time job..the extra money to india it is not that...and the safety standards and treatment is definitely better there
brilliant...brilliant... brilliant! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
a huge tragedy and socioeconomic tumult portrayed in the poem and the childs eyes.. so well wriotten mamtaji.... wow cheers
This three liner really says so much about the way we celebrate festivals....No sparkle in the child's eye as he sells sparklers to an really touching Mamta, This is a wake up call for all of us...10
How Paradoxical.. a Sad tale behind all the sparkling lights.. child labour with hunger n pain in their eyes... Beautiful enlighting point here... this should be read by every citizen to see actually what is Light n what is dark..
Mamta, you have painted two pictures on the one canvas of this paradoxical haiku. One side shows, festival of lights and the other side, darkness of poverty in the eyes of innocent children hawking crackers. This confrontation of colors has created a poetic moot ness of this sadly beautiful haiku. Regards Naseer
from innocence to cruel reality........
a beautiful projection of down-trodden, poverty stricken children, mamta...... it reminded me of my poem...silence of death....belonging to same genre...(time permitting, go through it, plz...) . But, i failed in projecting so much in a three compliments....
That really paints some picture