! ! ! ! ! ! Light House! ! ! ! ! !

Am overwhelmed with guilt, you see,
Due to paucity of time, my deadlines
Thought you alone will understand,
I axed your name off the do list.

I don’t know where I got the beliefs…
Those are now obsolete and bind.
I have rewritten my own script,
With the pressure off, I feel relieved.

The tree rooted, though shook, withstood the storm
Power failed, lightening struck… shuddered,
Grateful for darkness, after a pause, mother
Said, thanks for being candid, go spread wings.

Umbilical cord, dear was severed long ago,
Hush fell after the storm, lights came on.
Mother smiled, despite shadows and dark rings
Don’t you see we both want the same thing?

Her silhouette, tall and proud in the dawn light.
I wonder; if you are aware, have suspended dreams
Come here, how pretty ships look from afar… twinkling
See how bright the light house looks, a beautiful sight…

by Mamta Agarwal

Comments (8)

Yes, a beatiful poem, mamta! Very intense and embedded with deep meanings; my compliments! !
A meaningful poem of leading light superbly composed
A complex thought woven with beautiful, silky word-threads. Rich tapestry; vivid pictures.........I'm speechless!
The light house...stationary...stands alone in the troubled sea...spreads light for the sake of vessels to feel their directions...feels darkness inside? ...great symbolic write...10+
a very well written poem ma'm....I loved it.....10
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