Light In The Dark

~I’m keeping my eyes closed so I can’t go insane~
{Open your eyes and I’ll shield your eyes from this pain}

~Sometimes I just want to die~
{Hush now your tears are making me cry}

~I loved him and his love was just a lie~
{Who was he and how should he die? }

~I hate this world and this damn life, so just let these cuts bleed~
{Please don’t; you’re my best friend and I’ll get Ben and Jerry’s if that’s what you need! }

~Tell me where I am, I can only see darkness; I’m not fine; I’m not okay~
{Look there; there’s a light at the end and I’ll walk with you all the way.}

~I’m weak and I don’t think that I can stand~
{I’ll be strong and I’ll hold you hand.}

~My friend I know that I must go I must die~
{No the feelings just a demons last lie.}

~How do I stay here so silent without air until death? ~
{I scream for you and I shall give you my every breath.}

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