AI (24.10.1960 / Bangalore)

Light In The Future

The soul it seeks to perch and pray
A tune that renders fine
Without a stop when started forth
It hopes to sing a line

With feathers wafting at its crest
Like hornets in its nest
In storm and lightning thunderous sounds
Appeal to all in zest

The warmth that beats within the chest
Is hard concealed to spin
But in the cold and on the seas
Its surely bound to win

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Comments (4)

So nice.. I liked very much.. Pure soul always give birth to pure words n comes from pure heart.. Keep it up n thanks for sharing.. God bless *Smile4ever*
Soul stirring write Arya....thanks for sharing it
yes..the soul with it's lovely song would appeal to all...and it is bound to win too
In the early morning to read light in the future is really a meaningful and a good day. the first line the soul it seeks to perch and pray.........till the last line bount to win, , , , , , a fantastic write. Many thanks for your sharing your thughts.