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Light My Dark
CM (June 1971 / Greater Manchester, UK)

Light My Dark

Deception point was and is,
Where I found this black candle,
And a spell I put upon you.
Where I like a child in the dark of the night,
I needed just a light like you.

Where through the play of the moment,
Through trepidation and delight,
I cast my love upon the earth of being.
I emerged whole and new.

I flickered in the night air,
Warmed, comforted only you,
Where in my desert storm,
I shared a companion or two.

I found within me a whimsical me,
Where I played and danced.
To the songs of my praise,
Like a demented child,
I heard only you.

Into the coming of my senses I found,
A practice of Mindfulness of mind,
Where the heart of me and the kindness of you
My souls full beginning begins in you.

In the outer and inner,
Through chasm of spirits,
My light reflects in you.
I shine like a beacon.

I rescued the only soul,
The souls full beginning,
The beginning is you.

Through the rough seas,
I have travelled,
I made my home in the storm filled skies,
And now I journey on with you.

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