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Light Of The Landscape

Red sunset splashed on an exiting canvas of blue,
Moon rising upward reflecting down below,
to the contoured, creviced surface of deepening shadow on hue,
bouncing moonbeams, they become the show.

Oncoming glints of stars, begin to speckle, dot,
as companions to the lunar visitor.
The nighttime falls, darkness arrives,
saying, 'Now I am the solicitor.'

Crickets chirp one after one,
moths flying, swoop in and around,
around the porchlight, landing, flying away again,
oh night has come to surround.

Fireflies, they fly, fill, illuminate,
the cooling, the calming air,
while speaking out to a visual world,
as an earthy expression to what is there.

Lo! So tell me. Tell me what?
What is night without light,
both are interwoven to each other.
Lo! Oh tell me how?
How can day be without night,
both are intertwined like lover to lover.

So hence, on and on this spectacle must go,
on and on it seems without end.
Both night and day endlessly saying adieu, hello,
shall see you again my old, old friend.

Oh hence, on and on this spectacle must go,
that circle caught by never-ending age.
Oh the sun, daylight, the fireflies, stars, moon, night,
that glowing Light across a Landscape.
That gleaming Light that tops a Landscape.
Lo! That glinting Light, Light of the Landscape...

by (c) Colorofsky

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This is really, really nice. One thing try not to repeat words so much. Makes it sound like a beginner writer. I love the idea behind it. Keep penning. I like what your after.