Light Over Light.. (Noor He Noor)

Absolute submission
To the Omniscient
When burns in souls blessed,
Dead and alive looks alike.
As the veils of difference
Fly off to forlorn fields,
Like Light over light, on life
Of mass do delights descend.
When desires burn off
In smokeless flames,
Deserts turn Oasis
And quills begin to sing.
Jute-cladded exodus In pursuit
Of that blessed light absolute.

by Tajudeen Shah

Comments (3)

Soulful poem stirring the soul itself. Yes absolute submission to HIM is the only path to achieve enlightenment.
i agree with valsa' s perspective.......beautiful words thst encompass the theme well.....
God becomes a tangible reality for those who through heightened meditation and introspection, surrender themselves completely before God the Almighty! The 'Rishis' and 'Acharyas' of old could experience mystical moments through such self surrender! Then the God particle in us are aflamed and we experience true inner bliss! Such people can see beyond the tanscient and mundane and are blessed with a glimpse of Heaven! A poem very appealing to people who believe in God and the immortality of the soul! A sufi song of the inner mystical dimensions of spirituality!