Light Overpowers The Dark

Poem By Daniel Bates

Weep for the bleeding earth and its masses,
For its pointless inequality and unendurable 'classes'.
For the stupidity of war,
Of greed and corruption to abhor
Of senseless, mindless and short sighted acts.

Yet hail the wonderous nature, of nature.
Marvel at the beauty, diversity and its culture.
Of love and hearty laughter:
A beautiful child to look after.
Of kindness, curiosity and courage etc etc..Life is amazing.

The stealing away of a possession, thought or heir,
No thought to the implications of the damage they're doing there.
A scorn, a scowl a laugh in ones face,
Without consequence or a moments disgrace.
We all have a journey and many just do no care.

The innocence of a child's laugh with nonsensical explanation.
Son, daughter and grandchild bring great jubilation.
A drink with friends in the setting sun,
A morning in bed with a loved one.
Simple things bring so much, like happiness and joy, without complication.

So, for all the bad and misery untold,
Love, fun and joy are big, brave and bold.
Light overpowers the dark
Like a deadly poised shark
Ready to strike and gobble all the anguish sold.

See, life is rarely black and white, but of varying hues,
Of bright colours like red, green and sometimes the blues
The colour of yours is not up to me,
Or indeed just anybody.
It's YOU, your call, you choose.

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Let there be light! And, let righteousness arise. Nice work.

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