Light Shines Within Beauty, The Mystery Is Born

When a light shines within beauty
A celestial force awakens
Beaming such warmth and compassion
Onto a cold seclusion
Creating passion upon a pinnacle paradise
Upon a great awakening for better days ahead

Without any agenda,
Unconditional love explored
In a fantasy dwelling
Ever so real and full of rejoice
Enlightenment becomes so near and dear

And these eyes adjust
Set towards this vibrancy seized
Acclimated by this vivid art of a scenic devotion
Mesmerized in this divine sublime, surprise
Designing all of these dreams
To a level that has never been imaged before

And in this
I see beauty and beyond
Even feel it all from deep within
Rushing into these eyes of many possibilities
Traveling towards this weary heart's confinement
Freeing up any burdens that were once deemed believable

Medicating self of any past harsh judgement
Submerging any void left looming
Drowning all remnants of misery alluring
Trying to break on in unclean and wicked
In any natural way possible
Keeping all the pollution behind
Trying to run away from all its destruction

Teaching self like I always have
To become better and better each day
Never listening to any redundant harmful words
As they are far more uglier
Than the labels they throw raggedly
By insecure paltry distractions
The source of ignorance's dismal dread
Of one's own self imprisonment

Going further into the dream world
As far as I could ever go
Yet, leaving a huge self for reality
So I can never be stuck in my own disappointment again

And beauty I seize more than ever
The grace, the flaws, everything and all
Fighting to keep balance of self-awareness
In two universes living as one

The light it never stops shining
Even shines brighter with each moment won
Through exploration upon a greater vast unknown
Becoming braver as time goes on

Beauty and light
The life force that keeps giving
All that it could ever give
Even the hardships
That makes one stronger in end of time

The light shines within beauty
A mystery is born
An adventure of a lifetime
One at first make one feel all alone

Things may feel terrible from time to time
But to rise above it shows strong form
Powerful wisdom beyond anything taught
As the mind adapts with the heart
Two forces working in harmony as one

The light shines within beauty
A mystery is born
And for this I can no longer feel ugly again
No matter how many times harsh words are thrown
This soul is the deflection of them all

The light shines within beauty
A mystery is born
Now it is time to love

No matter what this status is
I will always be in love with love
Forever and ever more!


by James Darwin Smith II

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