Light That Shines In Me

Poem By LoLo LaLa

Although you may see the world,
Different than me.
You are still my inspiration,
And the light that shines in me.
No matter how prepared,
You think you are.
Nothing can prepare you,
For a broken heart.

When I found out you were sick,
I didn't know what to think.
It felt like the ground,
Had slipped from beneath your feet.

I know you had it much harder than me,
I was trying to be strong for you,
I didn't want you to see.
You are the one that taught me,
You don't have to look behind,
To all of the sadness that you could find.

When you told me you were better,
I was so pleased to hear.
Your illness had gone,
There was no more need for tears.
You inspired me to help those,
Who are still fighting to stay strong.
Or even just be there,
For those who need hope to go on.

But even now when I think of when,
You told me you were sick.
A tear forms in my eye,
I feel like I'm gunna trip.
I think you're amazing,
In so many different ways.
I hope you stay happy,
For all of your days.

It hasn't been just tears of sadness,
The time that I've known you.
There are lots of tears of laughter,
That have make us stronger to.

You always told me,
To keep my head held high.
And that worrying is useless,
so don't even try.
You're always there for others,
No matter what you're going through.
So I want to say thank you,
For all that you do and for just being you.

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